Our Story

  Blended by us,

    Brewed for you.


Hey, Tea Lovers!
   I am Jay and I wish to share my story with you.
I love ice tea, and the only option i had was lemon ice tea pre-mixes. After graduating from college, I travelled to different tea gardens in search for the perfect cup of tea and was left in awe at the variety of options out there.
When I started my first day at office, I found solace in tea breaks at my favourite cafe. Few pleasures matched up to the magical experience of sipping on ice tea - it was an emotion I relished. I tried various options to recreate the experience at home. But found that something was missing and was always left uninspired.
I just wanted something that was delicious, easy-to-make and didn’t contain sugar. So I made my own - Teastoy. We’ve blended the highest quality tea leaves with topical fruit granules and flower petals to provide a cafe-like experience at home. Teastoy has brought joy to my daily tea ritual. We are so proud of what we have created and can’t wait to share this experience with you.



Made with love in India.