Who's hosting brunch this weekend, Teastoy?! We've got a new twist on the traditional lemon recipe that ya gotta try for your guests to sip on. 

Let's grab a bottle of soda and our lemon cold brew tea for a fun weekend sweet tea lemon punch. Grab your favorite punch bowl, gather your ingredients and let's get to mixin' up something special and sweet. Try it while ya can, our lemon cold brew punch tea.


  • 2 cups of Teastoy lemon tea cold brewed .
  • ½ cup low calorie orange juice ( if you want some exciting mix)
  • 16 oz or 450ml of club soda (if you’re watching your sugar!)
  • Fresh slices of oranges or lemons


  • Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher or punch bowl. Serve chilled. Garnish with freshly sliced oranges or lemon. Sip n' enjoy!