The peach season in India just went by you all and we here at Teastoy love everything fresh! today we're whipping up a Bellini! Bellini is sparkling Italian cocktails made with peach puree and champagne but we're going to add our Peach Cold Brew for some added peachy flavour!

Bellini are super easy and perfect for any weekend party or a group session! This recipe is for our lads who just got to the legal age of drinking in this country and i.e. 21+. Let’s get started with the churning and slurping.


  1. 2 medium sized peaches, get the peeled and sliced.
  2. ½ cup of Teastoy cold brew peach.
  3. 1 bottle white wine, that could either dry or sparkling wine or champagne .




  • Puree the peaches and the Teastoy cold brew in a blender with crushed ice until smooth.
  • Fill a champagne glass or a jar or pitcher with a quarter full of the puree and then top it off with white sparkling wine or champagne.

Drink responsibly! Just kidding , enjoy and have fun.